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FREE for GCR members*

*Registration is restricted to GCR Members on date of each Dash n' Dine, you will be asked to renew or sign up for a GCR yearly membership if lapsed/you aren't a member. We would like to keep adding even more social events and this low yearly fee is what makes Dash n' Dine possible. Thank you!

Race Sign Up


For 2017, we are using Runsignup to register for Dash n' Dine (still free). This will cut down on some of the longer lines we had in 2016.

Come and join us for our Dash n' Dine series of 2017. Dash n' Dine is a monthly GCR members only social event on the second Tuesday of each month from April thru October. We meet at Naples on the Run (2116 Tamiami Trail N.) and run anywhere from 2-4 miles or more (you get to choose) through Freedom Park or sometimes the Gordon River Greenway.

Afterwards, we have free food back at Naples on the Run. In 2016 we had pizza from Pizza Fusion and Midtown bar and Grill was kind enough to provide us with hors d'oeuvres. 

This is an easy run meant to have members get to know more fellow runners. It is also less intimidating for more novice runners compared to a competitive chip timed 5K race. That being said, we have runners of all ages and skill levels and of course all members are welcome and encouraged to attend!

 With Runsignup, registration is restricted to GCR Members so we don't have to look down a long list of our almost 1200 members to confirm memberships. As dash n' Dine has grown and become one of our most popopular social events, we would like to still make it as seamless as possible. Thanks to all of our GCR Members who have grown Dash n' Dine to what it is today!

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